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POROY & OZULKU Attorneys At Law

Poroy & Ozulku Attorneys At Law was founded in 1989 by one of the leading Commercial Law professors Att. Dr. Reha Poroy, Att. Ümit Özülkü and Att. Sadiye Özülkü.

Almost 20 years of dedication, experience, excellent command of corporate and commercial law, foreign trade and investment and a determined hardworking team, Poroy & Özülkü is a highly reputable and consulted mid-sized law firm especially by national and American, French, English and German clients.


Most pf the clients of Poroy & Ozulku are foreign companies and persons. Poroy & Ozulku provides legal service for a variety of clients consisting of local and foreign real and legal persons. The main practice areas include; Corporate and Commercial Law (incl. Mergers & Acquisitions), Bankruptcy, Banking Law, Competition Law, Telecommunication Law, Contract Law, Patents and Trademarks, Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate Law, Mortgage, International Arbitration and Labor Law.

In collaboration with tax advisors – attorneys, local and international audit firms and accountants, Poroy & Ozulku provides legal service in English, French and German.